USB-powered Signal Conditioner

The Model ILAUSB-10 from tecsis LP is a portable, high performance digital signal conditioner with USB connectivity designed for applications which require high-accuracy measurement and repeatability. It is the ideal low cost data acquisition solution for basic test and measurement applications.

The ILAUSB is a compact strain gauge converter which conveniently converts most strain gauge sensor input to a digital output. The unit is connected to a PC via a USB port and requires no additional power supply. ILAUSB allows high precision load, force, or pressure measurements to be made and communicated directly to a PC. Simply plug the ILAUSB into a PC and the included software will extract data from most strain gauge sensors to instantly allow data manipulation without the need for amplifiers, filters, or multimeters.

As an inexpensive alternative when a high end data acquisition system is not called for, the ILAUSB features powerful functionality for a variety of data acquisition needs. The unit logs input values to a CSV file at up to 100Hz which can then be analyzed in Microsoft Excel.  Features include two-point auto calibration and the ability to control the system zero, over & under range limits, engineering units, measurement rate, and various filter setting.