Model F6223 Submersible

Model F6223 Submersible is a high capacity, heavy duty 'donut' style load cell with a large inside diameter. Rugged and built for wet, splashdown or fully submerged applications.

tecsis LP now offers the Model F6223 Submersible, a high capacity compression load cell specifically designed for use in wet, splash down, or fully submersed applications. Donut load cells, also known as through-hole load cells, are available in a variety of sizes and are designed to fit around shafts or bolts to provide compression force data. The versatile low profile design is only 3.5” high, making this unit useful in offshore applications, reservoirs, locks, dams, or any wet and hostile environment.

This member of the F6223 Series features an extra large inside diameter and is available in ranges from 0-5,000 to 0-50,000 lbs with a 150% safe overload rating. Standard nominal output is 2.0 mV/V and other outputs are optionally available. With hermetic, fully welded 17-4ph stainless steel construction and an underwater pluggable MCBH4M-SS SubconTM connector, this load cell holds an IP69k rating for water resistance which allows for completely submerged service.

Full scale linearity and hysteresis is ±0.25% and ±0.15% respectively, and the operating temperature ranges from -65° to +200°F (-54° to +93°C). The unit delivers excellent thermal effects on zero (FSO) and span (reading) of ±0.002%/°F (±0.0036%/°C).