Force Sensing Load Pin

Force sensing load pins are a unique type of precision load cell designed to replace existing clevis bolts, shear pins, shear axles, pulley shafts, and other load bearing pins.

The tecsis model F5301 load pin utilizes thin film technology for high accuracy and proven performance. The unit is available in ranges from 1,100 to 45,000 lbs (5 to 200 kN) and is ideal for dynamic or static measurements. Amplified output of 4-20 mA (2-wire) or 0-10 VDC (3-wire) is standard.

The unit is built for rugged use with high shock and vibration resistance and available with optional keeper plate, improved accuracy, and ATEX approval. Load Pins provide overload protection and load limit data on overhead cranes, travelling cranes, container cranes, and gantry cranes. In addition, load pins are used to monitor hanging weights on oil derricks and coiled tubing injectors, and on all sorts of mechanical lifts, hooks, mooring systems, and cable tension applications.