CSA Certificate of Compliance

Pressure Sensors and Load Cells Approved For Use in Hazardous Locations

tecsis LP is pleased to offer pressure transducers and load cells bearing the CSA Mark, certified to both US and Canadian standards. The Canadian Standards Association has issued a Certificate of Compliance to tecsis LP indicating that we manufacture pressure sensors and load cells which are intrinsically safe and approved for hazardous locations.

This approval identifies Process Control Equipment products approved intrinsically safe for locations:     Class I, DIV 1, Groups A,B,C,D  T4         

Class II, DIV 1, Groups E,F,G, Class III

                Class I, Zone 0 AEx/Ex ia IIC  T4


and approved non-incendive for locations:

                Class I, DIV 2, Groups A,B,C,D  T4

                Class II, DIV 2, Groups F,G, Class III

                Class I, Zone 2, AEx/Ex ic IIC  T4


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