Universal Tension/Compression Load Cells

Industrial Load Cell

For measuring tension or compression forces with a threaded load connection. Built to survive harsh industrial environments.

XLUN294 XLUN294 Industrial: 25 - 10,000 lbs product details
XLUL XLUL Industrial: 500 - 5,000 lbs product details
XLUG XLUG Canister: 100 - 200,000 lbs product details

Miniature Load Cell

High performance miniature load cells designed to accurately monitor tension or compression forces. A variety of mounting options are offered.

XLU68f XLU68f Miniature, T/C: 1,000 g - 10,000 lbs product details
XLU68s XLU68s Miniature, T/C: 50 - 500 g product details
XLU65f XLU65f Miniature, T/C: 1,000 g - 1,000 lbs product details
XLUS88 XLUS88 Subminiature, T/C: 150 g - 1,000 lbs product details
XLU11 XLU11 Low Profile: 10 - 1,000 lbs product details