Model XLK

Shackle Load Cell - High Accuracy

Shackle load cell high accuracy

By incorporating the load sensing capability into the legs of the shackle instead of in the pin, the sensor is always in the proper orientation for best results, even with a swinging or shifting load. Combining the outputs from the two sensing elements also provides exceptional repeatability.

The unit is built to survive in harsh industrial environments, and the hermetic construction conforms to IP67 for water resistance. Operating temperature is minus 50° to 250° F, compensated from 60° to 160°F. The unit is available with internal or in-line amplification to provide 4-20mA (2- or 3-wire), 0-5Vdc, or 0-10Vdc output. A variety of electrical connections are also offered. This product is protected by US Design Patent D703,907S - other rights pending.

Product Specification

Model XLKStandard
Load Range 0-1,000 to 0-20,000 lbs. 
Accuracy (Combined)±0.15% FSO
Safe Overload 400% of Capacity (10:1 @ 2 tons) 
Fatigue Life 50,000,000 cycles 
Compensated Temperature Range-50° to +250°F  (+15 to 70°C )
Operating Temperature Range60° to 160°F  (-45 to +120°C)
Thermal Effect 
On span±0.05% FSO/°F
On zero±0.02% Reading/°F
Protection Type IP 67 
Insulation Resistance1 Megaohm
 Bridge Resistance  700 Ohms nominal

 4-20 mA (2- or 3-wire),

0-5 Vdc, or 0-10 Vdc

Excitation5 to 15 Vdc
Material Stainless Steel