Pancake Load Cells

Low profile load cells - commonly known as pancake load cells - are efficient, reliable, and highly accurate. These popular load and force sensors feature proven strain gage technology and state of the art electronics surrounded by fully welded stainless steel construction for durability. Capable of measuring forces from 5 pounds to 2.5 tons, ‘pancakes’ are found in a variety of test and measurement applications across all industries. Pancake load cells are available with analog or digital output, overload protection, and dual bridge configurations.

Fatigue Rated Pancake Load Cell

Rugged and reliable, fatigue-rated pancake load cells are built to last with a lifespan up to 100 million fully reversed cycles. These tension and/or compression load cells are offered in ranges from 50 to 200,000 lbs. They feature fully-welded stainless steel construction and a versatile low profile design for easy integration. Engineered for long term multi-cycle testing applications including durability testing, material fatigue testing, component life cycle and general structural testing.

F2229 F2229 Pancake: 50 - 200,000 lbs product details

Compression Only Pancake Load Cell

Compression-only pancake load cells feature an integral load button and familiar low profile design to cover a wide range of test and measurement installations. The robust design delivers outstanding long term stability and linearity to ±0.10. These load cells can measure compression forces from 5 to 500,000 lb and are available with overload stops, vibration resistance, and internal amplification options to meet the challenges of any application.

XLPC XLPC Pancake: 25 - 10,000 lbs product details
F1234 F1234 Pancake: 5 - 500,000 lb product details

Tension & Compression Pancake Load Cell

Pancake load cells capable of measurement in both tension and compression – often called ‘universal’ load cells – provide reliable feedback of both parameters in a single installation. Offered with industry-standard bolt patterns and a threaded through-hole design, these load cells come in a variety of sizes, ranges, and outputs. Universal pancake load cells are rugged and resistant to side loading, and can perform in the most demanding applications.

F2222 F2222 Pancake: 5 - 500,000 lbs product details
F2210 F2210 Pancake: 0.5 - 2,000 kN product details