Miniature Load Cells

Miniature force transducers from tecsis LP offer measuring ranges from 0.25 N to 50 kN and are specially designed for applications with very restricted installation space. The compact design of these miniature load cells make them suitable for many measurement and control applications including testing equipment, apparatus and machinery construction, medical equipment, production lines, and cable force monitoring.

Rugged and versatile, miniature load cells from tecsis LP are constructed of high grade stainless steel and the low profile design makes them insensitive to lateral and side forces. These units are available in tension or compression operation and in a variety of ranges. Contact tecsis LP for complete details and get a quote on the perfect load sensor for your application.

Areas of Application

  • Construction of plant and apparatus
  • Medical equipment
  • Tensile force measurement
  • Test and control devices
  • Cable force measurement
  • Production lines
  • Experimental set-ups
  • Press-in, stamping and cutting forces
  • Bolt and pin mounting
  • Insertion and extraction forces
  • Solar cell production
F1226 F1226 Miniature: 5 - 50,000 lbs product details
F1222 F1222 Subminiature: 50 g - 1,000 lbs product details
F1224 F1224 Compact: 250 - 100,000 lbs product details
F2225 F2225 Miniature, T/C: 1,000 g - 1,000 lbs product details
F2220 F2220 Subminiature, T/C: 150 g - 1,000 lbs product details
F2234 F2234 Low Profile: 10 - 1,000 lbs product details