Model F6210

from 15 kN up to 500 kN

Electric Ring Force Transducer

This ring force transducer has been designed to measure prestress and bolt forces. The model F6210 series can be used to measure compression forces and is available for nominal loads starting with 15 kN up to 500 kN.


  • Ring geometry to measure prestress and bolt forces
  • Can be used to measure compression force
  • Compact design
  • For forces (screw thread) starting at 15 kN (M6) up to 300 kN (M30)
  • Combined error 1% of the full scale, for prestress measuring 3% of the full scale
  • Protection class IP 65
Measuring ranges

0...15 kN up to 0...500 kN


The model F6210 series are used to measure bolt forces. For example in test equipment and benches. The ring geometry and the compact design meet the needs of many of those applications. The ring force transducers are designed for thread sizes between M6 (15 kN) and M30 (300 kN).

The force is applied vertically to the load cell axis onto the surface of the inner ring.

The load cell should be mounted on a level, grinded and sufficiently hard surface.

Because of the compact design the force transducer reacts very sensitive on changing or different mounting positions. The set contains two grinded washer to guard the transducer and to improve the force introduction.