Donut Load Cells

A variation of the compression load cell with a 'through-hole' design for installation around bolts or shafts. Fully welded stainless steel construction and high overload capability for optimum performance. Available for ranges from 100 g up to 100,000 lbs with accuracy from 0.25% to 0.50%. Widely used for measuring of clamping forces, bolt loading and overload monitoring

XLD050 XLD050 Subminiature: 100 g - 1,000 g product details
XLD100 XLD100 Subminiature: 5 - 500 lbs product details
XLD150-XLD300 XLD150-XLD300 Donut, Miniature: 5 - 100,000 lbs product details
F6212 F6212 Donut, Large ID: 2 - 150 kN product details