Compression Load Cells

Compression load cells from tecsis LP offer the ideal combination of performance, accuracy, and size to match the requirements of your load and force measurement application. From our heavy duty high accuracy canister load cells to our popular 'button' style miniatures, every compression load cell we manufacture will be designed with your needs in mind. With ranges from a few grams to millions of pounds, analog or digital output, in-line amplification, a variety of mating and cable assemblies, and mounting options as unique as your application, tecsis LP will always have just what you need. Contact us today for a quote on how to solve your test and measurement challenge.

Miniature Load Cell

For applications where space is limited, these versatile low profile compression units are as thin as 0.13" yet deliver solid performance in ranges from 50 grams up to 1,000 lbs.

F1226 F1226 Miniature: 5 - 50,000 lbs product details
F1222 F1222 Subminiature: 50 g - 1,000 lbs product details
F1224 F1224 Compact: 250 - 100,000 lbs product details
F1211 F1211 Miniature: 1 - 1000kN product details

Industrial Load Cell

Compression load cells combine welded stainless steel construction and proven strain gage technology to deliver long term stability and repeatable performance. These robust, reliable and cost effective load cells are the ideal solution for critical high capacity applications.

F1229 F1229 Industrial: 25 - 10,000 lbs product details
F1233 F1233 Canister: 10,000 - 750,000 lbs product details
F1228 F1228 Canister: 1 - 1,000 t product details
F1301 F1301 Thin Film: 10 - 200 kN product details
F1234 F1234 Pancake: 5 - 500,000 lb product details
F1119 / F1136 F1119 / F1136 Hydraulic: 50 kN product details