Model F3831

Shear Beam up to 10000 kg

Bending Beam

Shear beam load cell made of stainless steel for scales and other industrial weighing systems.


  • Shear beam load cell made of alloy steel/stainless steel
  • High long-term stability
  • High side load tolerance
Measuring ranges

0...500 kg to 0...10,000 kg



Those reasonably priced load cells are used in numerous application with the need for high accuracy and a high protection class. The high accuracy allows to use the model F3831 series in weighing technology. Compared to the F3833 model series, the F3831 is used for higher nominal loads. Alone the different design is an indication for the higher robustness of the load cell.

The shear beam is mounted by using the two fastening bore holes on the cable side. The force is applied at the opposite side, vertically to the axis of load cell via the provided through-hole. As the measuring body and the cover of the strain gauges are made of stainless steel it is possible to utilize the force transducers in harsh environments.

The load cell is mainly used for floor scales, bagging scales, batching scales and industrial weighing systems.