Model F3301/F33C1

Shear Beam Load Cell - Thin Film Technology

Shear beam

Product Description

The Models F3301 and F33C1 shear beam load cells are offered as an OEM alternative to our standard bonded-foil strain gage product line. The thin film technology featured in the F33 series provides outstanding performance, low power consumption, excellent stability and low temperature effects.


  • thin film technology (instead of conventional bonded foil strain gauges)
  • corrosion free stainless steel
  • integrated amplifier
  • stable with changes in temperature
  • high long term stability
  • high shock and vibration resistance
  • for dynamic or static measurements
  • good repeatability
  • ease of installation
  • available with ATEX approval

Performance Specifications

Limit load 150% of Capacity
Breaking load 300% of Capacity
Combined error ±0.5% FSO
Hysteresis ±0.2% FSO
Cross sensitivity (Signal
with 100% Capacity at 90°)
± 5% FSO
Operating Temp Range-10 to +80°C
Compensated Temp Range -20 to +80°C

Thermal Effects

on Zero

on Span



±0.2% FSO/10K

±0.2% FSO/10K

Protection type (per
EN 60 529 / IEC 529)
IP 67
Material of measuring deviceStainless steel
Measuring Range2kN ... 100kN