Cantilever Load Cells

Bending Beam - Shear Beam

Bending beam, or cantilever, load cells are rugged and highly accurate and suitable for a wide variety of both static and dynamic weighing and force measuring applications. The unique bending beam design measures loads and forces with ±0.1% accuracy (FSO, combined) over ranges from 25 grams to 10,000 lbs.

XLBC XLBC Standard Cantilever Beam product details
XLBL / XLBH XLBL / XLBH Cantilever Beam: 25 g - 10 lbs product details
XLA XLA Parallelogram: 2.2 - 10 lbs product details
F3301 / F33C1 F3301 / F33C1 Shear Beam: 5-200 kN product details