Cantilever Load Cells

Bending Beam Load Cell

Bending beam, or cantilever, load cells are rugged and highly accurate and suitable for a wide variety of both static and dynamic weighing and force measuring applications. The unique bending beam design measures loads and forces with ±0.1% accuracy (FSO, combined) over ranges from 25 grams to 10,000 lbs.

F3833 F3833 Bending Beam: 20 - 500 kg product details
F4801 F4801 Single Point: 3 - 250 kg product details
F4812 F4812 Single Point: 50 - 650 kg product details
F4817 F4817 Single Point: 100 - 2,000 kg product details

Shear Beam Load Cell

Shear Beam load cells look similar to bending beam cells, with the same low profile and small footprint. However, instead of bending the beam which contains the sensing elements, the structure of the load cell is designed to place that beam into shear. The result is a compact yet high range load cell for both static and dynamic weighing applications. Shear beam load cells deliver ±0.03% accuracy FSO (combined) over ranges up to 22,500 pounds. Variations of this design are found in precision load applications such as hopper and tank weighing, crane weighing, platform scales, truck scales, and silo weighing.

F3221 F3221 Standard Shear Beam Load Cell 100 to 10,000 lbs. product details
F3301/F33C1 F3301/F33C1 Standard Shear Beam Load Cell 450 to 22,500 lbs. product details
F3831 F3831 Shear Beam: 500 - 10,000 kg product details

Parallelogram Load Cell

The parallelogram load cell is a unique double-cantilever beam design which provides a compact unit with ±0.02% repeatability, integral overload protection, and a high tolerance for off-center loading. The highly sensitive parallelogram configuration delivers outstanding performance in both tension and compression applications up to 500 pounds. This economical load cell is packaged for OEM process applications and is not a sealed unit.

F9212 F9212 Standard Parallelogram Load Cell 2.2 to 500 lbs. product details