Our Strength: Custom Manufactured Transducers

At tecsis LP we have in-house capabilities to design, engineer, and manufacture custom pressure transducers and load cells with the same demonstrated quality and reliability as standard products. Just follow these steps...

1) Begin with our sales force. With decades of experience in sensors, they've seen it all. They are your link to the capabilities here at tecsis LP.

2) Then, connect to our engineering team who will work with you to design the perfect sensor to accommodate whatever challenge you are facing.

3) From there, we can build a prototype to insure that the end result is just what you need.

4) An then directly to manufacturing, testing, and final NIST calibration.

We love a challenge. Miniature size, special mounting fixtures, harsh environments, extreme temperatures, high capacity, low capacity – whatever you need for your application, we can make it happen. The products shown on this web site or in our catalog are only a starting point, an example of our capabilities. So tell us what you want. There’s a good chance that we’ve already manufactured one just like it!

Special mounting features are readily available for quick and easy installation into existing customer set-ups with little or no adjustment. Extended temperature compensation ranges may be requested for high- or low-temperature applications. Custom element designs can be engineered to order for a specific implementation or for OEM requirements. Individualized amplifiers can be integrated to give the necessary signal in the most convenient envelope.

Extra high precision transducers, with performance error as low as 0.03%, are available for applications with the most rigid tolerances. Many options are offered for accommodating harsh environments, such as special high-grade steel alloys, and submersible fittings and connectors.

In short, tecsis is the true leader for custom-manufactured transducers