Model EPS01

Load Torque Limiting System

Load monitoring system for port logistics Model EPS01

Product Description

Load torque limiting system EPS01 is intended for displaying load, reach or wind speed. In combination with the relevant sensors, it is used for monitoring the loading on a harbour crane. Overload safety system EPS01 is an operating aid that warns the crane driver about imminent overloading of the crane, in order to avoid possible damage or injury to persons.

Product Features

  • Ease of assembly
  • Fast commissioning
  • Menu driven configuration via PC
  • Programming interface RS232
  • Safety relay
  • Easily readable, clear plain text display
  • Accuracy 0.2% FSO

Performance Specifications


Repeat accuracy




2x4-20 mA


0.2% FSO

Power requirement (external)10-30 VDC optional 100-230 VAC, 1A
Turn-on voltage, max.250 VAC
Power rating aC max.1500 VA
Compensated Temp Range -20 - +70°C
Noise emissionper EN 61326
Noise immunityper EN 61326
Electrical protectionReverse voltage, overvoltage and short circuit protection