Model F2303

Force transducer with Swivel Head

Tension-/Compression force transducer with integrated thin-film sensor and swivel head


Swivel heads are important machine elements when the measuring conditions involve rotary motions, pivoting or tilting movements. The tecsis LP swivel head force transducer uses thin film technology and rugged stainless steel construction to perform in these unpredictable and demanding applications.


  • thin film technology (instead of conventional bonded foil strain gauges)
  • corrosion free stainless steel
  • integrated amplifier
  • excellent temperature stability
  • high long term stability
  • high shock and vibration resistance
  • for dynamic or static measurements
  • good repeatability
  • easy to install

Performance Specifications

Capacity18 / 34 / 45 kN
Accuracy±0.2% FSO
Safe Overload150% of Capacity
Ultimate Overload300% of Capacity
Combined Error±0.2% FSO
Hysteresis±0.1% FSO
Max. Dynamic Load±50% of Capacity per DIN50100
Nominal Deflection±0.1 mm
Operating Temp Range-40 to +80°C
Compensated Temp Range-20 to +80°C

Thermal Effects

on Zero
on Span



±0.2% FSO/10K
±0.2% FSO/10K

Material of measuring deviceStainless steel