Model F5302

All-Round Shackle Load Cell

Shakle Load Cell


Shackle Load Cells are designed for lifting and weighing in rugged or harsh environments. They provide a simple and reliable method of measuring a wide range of weights and loads. The shackle load cell consists of a shakle and a force transducer.

Thin film sensors, produced by very modern manufacturing technology, have all advantages of the conventional bonded foil strain gauges with improvements in temperature and long term stability.

The shackle load cells are simple to install and are available in standard shackle sizes.


  • especially for the measurement of tension in ropes
  • suitable for retrofitting
  • integrated amplifier
  • IP 67
  • thin film technology (instead of conventional bonded foil strain gauges)

Performance Specification

Capacity7.5 / 10 / 15t
Safe Overload150% of Capacity
Ultimate Overload300% of Capacity
Combined error±1% FSO
Hysteresis±0.2% FSO
Repeatability±0.05% FSO

Thermal Effects

on Zero
on Span


0.2% Capacity/10K
0.2% Capacity/10K