tecsis GmbH

tecsis - More than 90 Years of innovation

As a manufacturer of sensors and measuring devices with a presence in the global markets for decades, we have become a dependable port of call for our customers. By 1997 we built up access to global markets and service structures under the umbrella of the VDO brand. On this basis and the trust established over decades we have set out since 2001 under our own name: tecsis.

Innovation and quality

Our company's history shows that we have always opened up new fields of measuring- and sensor technology and implemented innovative solutions. An inquisitive mind is very much the tradition at tecsis. Around 12% of our employees work on development and engineering tasks to expand our range of products with new technologies, processes and materials.

Our innovative force is evident in the 25% share of turnover we achieve with products that are on the market for a maximum of two years. We ensure compatibility and replaceability though by using a modular and system approach.

More and more often, it is tecsis innovations that conquer technological boundaries and open up new fields of application. 

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