Port Solutions

tecsis Know-How for Port Logistics

The leading providers of port logistics technology put their trust in the quality and experience of tecsis. Technical know-how and on-site advice are particularly important in this area. Our force transducers are ideal for measuring loads, such as in sheaves or fork bearings and roller bearings. They can be directly integrated into existing structures as a substitute for retaining bolts or wire rope ends and thrust plates. The entire tecsis product range includes all relevant measuring components for crane technology applications: electronics and displays, load pins, rod end and through-hole load cells, tension links, angle sensors and lifting limit switches.

Advantages of the tecsis solution

  • Safeguarding of cranes with constant capacity, adaptable to any specification
  • Modularly built hardware and software
  • Easy to put into service using the accompanying software
  • Highest functional dependency ensured by a permanent checking routine

Applications for the tecsis solution

  • Harbour cranes
  • Container cranes
  • Straddle carriers
  • Heavy-duty fork-lifts
  • Reach stackers

tecsis Products used in Port Logistics

Load PinsF5308/F53C8
Through-Hole Load CellsXLD150-XLD300 F6212
Rod End Load CellsXLRM
ElectronicsECPS8 EPS01